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The Lash Awards Judges 2023

We are excited to announce that we have selected the best Lash Judges on the planet for our 3rd Lash Awards 2023 event. Our online Lash competition and in-person event is now even better than ever before!

To ensure that the competition is fair for all entries, this year we are implementing blind judging in every category. Entries will be judged by numbers instead of names, creating a level playing field for all participants.

Our judges for the Lash Awards 2023 are the crème de la crème of the lash industry. We have carefully selected the best Lash Judges in the industry, with judging backgrounds in the Lash World. We have taken feedback from our previous events to ensure that we are using the best judges possible to evaluate this year's entries.

We are thrilled to have our amazing judges on board, and many of them will be present as VIPS on the night of the event. They will be thanked on stage together for helping to judge the competition and celebrate with attendees at our amazing yearly event.

So, if you are a lash artist or enthusiast, this is your chance to showcase your skills and compete against the best in the industry. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of the Lash Awards 2023. Keep an eye out for updates on our website and social media channels for more information on how to enter the competition.


Frankie Widdows

Frankie Widdows is UK based award-winning International Lash Trainer, Guest speaker and Lash Judge at the world’s largest lash events. She has been in the lash industry since 2012 and  specialises solely in the treatment of eyelash extensions so that she can dedicate all her time to being an expert in this subject.


She is the founder of International lash brand Eyelash Excellence. Frankie’s passion is working closely with lash manufacturers to ensure that she produces only safe products to the lash industry, as well as educating lash artists about the importance of ensuring that they know what they are using is safe.


Frankie has trained thousands of students worldwide through both her in-person and online lash courses. Frankie’s courses are the most technical ones out there, teaching her students even at beginners’ level to strive for competition standard lashes. 

Frankie is a real perfectionist when it comes to lashes which is why her techniques are all about creating technically perfect sets. 


Frankie is well known for her down to earth and approachable personality. She loves to speak to all that share her lash passion and will assist any person that reaches out to her. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on her SM, as well as her YouTube channel Eyelash Excellence. Interestingly, she was one of the first lash artists to create YouTube videos and share her skills.


In addition to the above, she is also a product developer, not only of safe cosmetic based products but for lash accessories. Along with her father, she was the original inventor of the lash palette, a device that is worn on the back of the hand to attach your extensions to. She then developed the volume dome, which again is worn on the back of the hand to assist with fanning the extensions. She was the first lash artist to develop tweezers specifically designed for volume. It took Frankie and her UK based tweezer manufacturers 18 months to bring the Polaris volume tweezer into the industry. This was then followed by the sister tweezer, the Orion.

Currently Frankie and her father are working on other projects to bring new and innovative products to the lash industry.

Katie Godfrey.png

Jade Jones

Founder of Jade Jones and PreJades, Jade Jones has been in the industry for 7 years and has a growing team of passionate artists working with her in the salon, in the Academy and as Brand Ambassadors for the product side of the business. Jade launched her own brand of Premade Fans in January 2019; PreJades. The Jade Jones Academy was launched in 2019 which aims to teach the correct application of premade fans. Jade hosted the world’s first-ever International online competition in 2019; Premade Pro 2019 Online Competition which will continue to run annually.

Jade has picked up 43 awards to date for her lash work, aesthetic work and for her business. She is a regular judge for eyelash extensions and also been featured in many magazines for her lash work and PreJades.

Most recently, Jade has been working on launching Aesthetics courses. These brand new courses will be released in 2022. Jade has 6 years experience injecting, has a fully booked client base and works alongside Doctors and Nurses. See below before and after of Jade herself, the results for both Jade and her clients have been life changing. 

Katie Godfrey

Katie Godfrey is an Entrepreneur with multiple successful companies. Including a beauty salon, national training academy, product range & coaching business. 


Katie specialises in the beauty industry after winning over 15 awards & being a columnist for many industry magazines. She has also been published over 100 times including OK Magazine, Fab Daily & national newspapers. Plus has 2 books, one being a number 1 best seller. 


She was one of the first lash technicians to bring Russian Volume to the UK after flying to New York to learn the technique. 


Check out Katie’s podcast “The Life Of KG” available on all podcast stations. 


Irina Negrea

My name is Irina and I am a  London Lash trainer in
ventry, UK.

I wanted a change in my career! I wanted to become my own director and have the freedom to work with a lots of people! I wanted to start a business which is very profitable and which bring me satisfaction of loving my work! So I took the chance and have my first training in eyelash extensions back in 2017. And my start was not easy at all as the quality of my first training was not the best and I was struggling a lot but I didn’t gave up!I start loving what I am doing even without realising.

Further I attended to other trainings and I always was ambitious to improve my work and become one of the best! Now all my work and passion pays off! I am having a successful business of my studio Lash and Brow Professional and I am more than happy to share all the secrets of it with you! 

In 2019 I received the Award of Excellence by London Lash Pro and in 2020 made my dream my reality by becoming a London Lash Trainer.

My favourite Style is Cat Eye because of it exquisite look. It is just perfect for round and almond shape of eye where the outer corners of the eye are orientated straight or upwards. But I do love also Squirrel Style which is offering lifting effect.


Amy Chester

I’m Amy - you all probably know me as Lash Education, previously known as ‘Lashhh’. 
I had the crazy idea to start something new back in 2016, I was pregnant at the time with my first child. 
I literally lashed whenever I could, funnily enough, from my kitchen - it really took off, i was the only lash artist in the area and lash extensions had just become the craze. 
Once more girls had jumped on board I was then helping other artists to perfect their craft, which then led me to opening my own lash studio and changing my Instagram handle to ‘Lash Education’, it just seemed to fit and made me feel PROFESSIONAL LOL! 
In 2021 I was lucky enough to win Lash Stylist of the year - in the middle or covid, this has opened many doors for me, I have had the opportunity to fly to Toronto and work alongside Lash Fest and have also been asked to fly to Dallas to attend the event there too, as well as Lash Con in California. 
I’m now still crazy busy, with two children, running an online shop, training academy and lash and

brow studio! 
Who knows what’s next? But I’m excited for my
next venture!!
See you all at The Lash Awards xoxo


Mirka Pittnerova

Mirka Pittnerova is the founder of “Beauty by Mirka” part of Celo Tan & Lash Ltd.

Mirka started as a beautician in 2010, she opened her own beauty salon in Windsor Berkshire in 2012 together with her partner and worked with many VIP clients.

In 2016 Mirka expanded and opened her own training sites now known as “Beauty by Mirka” since then she has been successful in doing treatments and passing on her knowledge and skills to others. She is a guest speaker on global beauty events

2020 – 3rd place in the international lash competition
2021 – 2nd place in the international lash competition
2021 – top lash artist
2021 – special award
2022 – 2nd place lash art
2022 – 2nd place brow lamination
2022 – 2nd place lash lift

She was featured in the Lash Inc Italia magazine, in Fleek magazine, in Lash-Ed magazine, her work was featured in OK magazine and in London Business Magazine.
Her online courses have been selling worldwide since the day she opened, she travels on a regular basis to meet new students who want to learn how to be successful.

This takes Mirka all over the UK and globally so she can share her passion of teaching with others.
Mirka is also a published author which is just another way she can pass on her skills to others at affordable prices, her books can be found online as eBooks and also as paperbacks like her newest book Brow Lamination.


Merlin Callaghan

Merlin Lash and Beauty Training is home to accredited professional eyelash extension courses. Our courses are suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced lash technicians who are looking to grow their lash knowledge and earning potential.

Uliana Shchepeleva

(known as @lashmother.uli)

I am a founder of The Beauty House Training Center. I have over 14 years experience in lash industry. Since I moved to Canada I have faced a challenge to find great high quality training in the lash industry.

Every course that I have taken or attended ( over a 100) was just a mediocre copy of the previous one.On the hunt to improve my skills I have started taking different courses around the world to collect all the information that is available out there. I have implemented those skills and mastered them. In the end, I have created an ultimate lash Lift Revolution course 2.0 that covers it ALL. I mean it. So you don't need to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life on researching.


Grete Himberg

Grete is the Founder of Lash Dolls UK and Lash Dolls EU as well as being an Educator, Salon owner and most importantly a Lash Artist. 
As a Lash Artist of almost 15 years she understands the skill, talent and knowledge that goes into hand-crafting the most amazing and creative mapped lash sets. Grete will be judging ____ category so you know that with her extensive knowledge and experience, you will certainly be in safe hands! 

Lash Dolls UK was founded on the basis of providing high-quality products and education that could elevate every Lash Artist’s career. 
As a company within an ever changing industry, we know how important it is to keep learning, evolving and keep up-to-date with current trends, which is why Lash Dolls UK’s motto is 
“Determined to be the best” 

Grete is determined to make you the best lash artist you can be and she can’t wait to see and judge your fantastic lash sets!


Katsia Siska

In just 3 years Toni has built The Brow Edit up to be a highly sought after Brow Bar in the East Midlands with clients travelling in from miles around.


Toni provides in house 1-1’s, Online Masterclasses in Lamination, has formulated and designed The Overnight Brow Booster (your lamination aftercare and brow health in a bottle) and carries out roughly 40 lamination treatments a week from her all ivory and gold salon - The Brow Edit & Co.


Toni has had some incredible opportunities thrown her way over the last year such as featuring in beauty magazines in the UK, Ireland & America, being added to exclusive PR Lists for incredible brands, being asked to film tutorials for colleges across the UK, featuring as salon of the month for Salons Direct, judging the Lamination category for @thebrowawards 2022 and so much more. 


With that being said she is SO excited to be back judging the lamination category again for 2023! 


If you were there last year you’ll have seen her stealing the table centre pieces, dancing on stage with the sax player and getting the party started so here’s to BAFTAs of the brow industry - The Brow Awards 2023! 

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