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Image by Marcela Laskoski



Mr Fox LDN

Mr Fox LDN Returns for our 2023 event!!

Mr Fox has been busking in the streets of London for 5 years since he moved in uk from Italy (where he was born).

He is a beatboxer, live looping performer, rapper and song writer, combining all of this in a new form of electro music.

Making his headline at the Lash Awards first event in 2021, Mr Fox blew the event out of the water,

Mr Fox has just finished travelling around the world after winning Serbias got talent 2022!

Now back on UK Soil Mr Fox will be beat boxing LIVE at our October 2023 Awards.

We are so excited to have him back at our Awards, Franco is a great friend of ours!

Prepare to be blown away ladies and gents at The Brow Awards 2023!

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