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Welcome the to the second Lash Awards™ our aim is to unite Lash artists, and Lash Brands and friends across the UK and this year Global to celebrate the best Beauty industry on the planet. We want the best of our industry to be recognised for their hard work by promoting their amazing talents through our annual award ceremony.


Last year Our Lash Awards were absolutely free to enter, this year we are asking for a small fee to enter with a 20% donation of every online entry and every event  ticket going to the UK mental health Charity Mind.

We understand how tough it can be to work in this industry, a lot of the time lonely too so we wanted to give back to a charity that is helping us through the Corona Pandemic - And that is also why we want again for you to join us for the best night on the Lash Calendar The Lash awards 2022.

Join The Party!



What better way to look forward to an event that is fun, exciting and damn right crazy, raise team spirits in your Lash business and get your client's talking than entering The Lash Awards™ 2022

The annual event is £99.99 on the early bird tickets this year and £119.99 once the early birds is all sold out, so invite family, friends, lash buddies, your salon team and even your clients. 

Also NEW for this year we are LIVE streaming the Lash awards™ 2022 for £14.99 Fromm 5pm-2am so expect to watch some great footage live from the party.


All of Our Lash Entries and Lash Brands will all have the opportunity to be recognised and promoted across our social media platforms, just post a picture of your work and tag using the hashtag: #thelashawards



All of our finalists receive a bespoke finalist title and official certificate to print, frame and display in your Lash Room or salon. This will increase your brand as a Lash Artist  as you are a finalist of The Lash Awards™



Brand your business through a local paper or online magazine?! Get in touch and request a feature on you as a Lash artist or Lash brand being finalised for The Lash Awards™.


The Lash Awards™ Is featured on the Jan-March editions of The Salon Magazine, you can also contact tv, radio, magazines, online articles to promote yourself in the 2022 awards.




The Lash Awards began in 2021 in the UK, both large and small Lash artists and Lash brands both entered and the event was amazing and a complete sell out.


This year there are 100's of placing certificates up for grabs, from the 'Top 50’ right up to first place and not forgetting runner up in each award, this year we have made it fairer than ever, we are having Entry Level ( below 2 years) and intermediate Level ( Over 2 years) awards for 5 Lash Style sections.


These will be judged by some of the best Lash judges on the planet from Frankie Widdows to Mr Lash, Too Mlab and Lashbase, and London Lash Pro to name just a few. Making the judging this year fair on all grounds.

Each Judge for The lash awards 2022 will judge their category or Categories.


Whether you're brand new to Lash industry or have years of experience , there is something for everyone at The Lash Awards™ 2022. 

With Entry Level and Advanced Sections in our lash Styles Categories,  we are now fairer than ever no matter where you are as a Lash Artist or Lash Brand.

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